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Industry Eagles Awards
<Awards Ceremony: 16th May 2024/>

Transport and Logistics Eagles Awards

Transport and Logistics Eagles Awards

Welcome to the Transport and Logistics Eagles Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Supply Chain Innovation and Leadership. Discover the pinnacle of achievement in transportation, warehousing, e-commerce, and technology as we honor the trailblazers shaping the future of logistics. Join us as we recognise industry leaders, applauding their innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

Explore our prestigious event and learn how you can showcase your company’s successes and elevate your brand on a global stage. Be part of the journey towards excellence – join us at the Transport and Logistics Eagles Awards. Submitting your entry today.

Awards Dinner

Important Dates: 

By submitting your entry today, you have the opportunity to boost your team’s morale, attract top talent through a strengthened recruitment drive, and expand your client list, as your recognition resonates throughout the industry.

Monday, 8th April 2024

Monday, 15 April – Friday 19 April 2024

Monday, 22 April 2024

Thursday, 16 May 2024

Awards Ceremony
Awards Ceremony
Awards Ceremony

Entry Deadline

1 March 2024

Transport and Logistics Eagles Awards Categories

Awarded to a Transport and Logistics sector organisation for the most outstanding business project. The award is not limited to any specific type of project, as long as it showcases its role to benefit the organisation or its clients. The judges may take into account, where relevant, the size of the organisation when making their determination. The determination will be made based on the project innovation outcomes and ROI.

This award recognises outstanding employers in the Transport and Logistics industry on a national level. Being named a best place to work can not only enhance recruiting efforts, but can also increase employee retention, improve brand awareness and reputation in the industry.

This award will go to the organisation which is best able to prove that it has made meaningful action to reduce its environmental impact and improve its sustainability. Judges will expect to see details of all sustainability initiatives, together with the impact achieved by each. Metrics showing how the organisation’s sustainability has improved in recent years will be helpful, as will evidence of continued action this year.

This is a wide-ranging category that seeks to reward lateral thought and technical excellence in creating an outstanding product or service that has the potential to revolutionise an industry or way of life. Entries will have to demonstrate the use of technology to overcome a defined problem, and show that it has, or can make, a significant positive impact.

This award will go to the organisation that can demonstrate innovative and effective changes made in response to the pandemic. Judges will be looking to see a measurable impact of the changes/project.

Awarded to the team that demonstrates how the development or implementation of a new strategy/project has helped to meet objectives, achieve greater competitiveness or improve public services during the past 12 months. The winning organisation will show how this teamwork is fundamental to achieving business goals.

Judges will be looking for individuals who can demonstrate outstanding enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurial flair. A leader with exceptional vision and leadership.

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Awards Ceremony - 16th May 2024

The Industry Eagles Awards results will be announced at a special black tie ceremony at the Bentley Hotel, London on 16th May 2024.